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Time Revolution Artemisia Calming Cream

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A soothing, moisturizing cream featuring double fermented Artemisia Annua Extract from Ganghwa Island in Korea to relieve dry skin.


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MISSHA Time Revolution
Artemisia Calming Moisture Cream_50ml

Artemisia Calming Cream provides a soothing effect with naturally twice-fermented Artemisia Extract
and forms a hydrating moisture protective film over the skin

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1. “100-day naturally twice-fermented Artemisia Extract” for full effects
It fully contains “Artemisia Extract” concentrated by harvesting Artemisia from Ganghwado Island in September in earthenware pots and fermenting it twice,
once in a warm condition and once more in a cool condition.

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2. Stronger soothing care with twice-as-strong calming effects
Artemisia Extract and a patented soothing substance  calm the sensitive, weakened skin.

3. Moisture charge with highly concentrated, hydrating moisture formula
The highly concentrated, hydrating moisture formula containing 89% moisturizing ingredients
resolves the dryness of the skin by providing close calming moisture to the skin.

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4. A safe formula that forms a soothing protective film

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#Soothing effect tested #Patented moisture barrier ingredient

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