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Missha B.B Boomer 20ml.


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BB boosting cream-like base infused with mannan, moringa oil and squalane. Prolongs make-up wear, brightens, hydrates and prevents wrinkles. Pairs perfectly well with Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream.


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Missha B.B Boomer 20 ml.

Dewy, soft cream with fine, pink pearl particles imparts radiance and improves the adherence and wear of foundation.Moringa (patented), Mannan, and Squalene form a moisture shield on the skin that aid in moisture retention and provide a dewy finish.Adenosine and Arbutin treat fine lines and brighten skin tonContaining tiny pink pearl, it boost of BB Cream with soft afterfeel.

  • Containing Moringa Oleifera  Seed Oil, Mannan, and Squalane ingredients, it forms moisture film so you keep your makeup moisturized.
  • Containing Adenosine and Niacinamid, it cares wrinkles and darkness of the skin with wrinkle care and whitening effect



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