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Dr. Mola Gelato Cup

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Make your skin miraculously yummy! A line of sheet masks that will rehydrate your skin and improve its condition. Infused with hyaluronic acid, Dr. Mola Gelato Cup relieves and prevents skin dryness.

  • Strawberry-for all skin type, protects and revitalizes your skin. Strawberry extract contains Vitamin C,provides natural shine,improve skin tone.
  • Black Fruits-for dry and mat skin, hydrates and protects. Bluberry extract improves skin condition,provides elasticity.
  • Matcha-for dry and sensitive skin, provides moisture and soothing effect. Green Tea extract soothes and purifies. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates your skin.
  • Dark Chocolate-for all skin type, revitalize and improves skin texture. Cacao extract provides elasticity and smoothes. Apricot extract improves skin tone.



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Strawberry, Black Fruit, Matcha, Dark Chocolate