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Frudia Nutrition Ampoule Squeeze Mask

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A butter layer that deeply nourishes and covers the skin to provide long-lasting moisture. Outstanding moisture retention capacity from cactus extract provides refreshing vitality and rejuvenates the skin. Korean raspberry extract with rich vitamin C provides deep moisture to rough and dry skin.

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  • Acai Berry: infused with Acai Berry Extract to revitalize and moisturize the damaged skin, leaving a firmer, smoother complexion.
  •  Shea Butter: infused with Shea Butter Extract which deeply moisturizes extremely dry skin.
  • Cactus: infused with Cactus Extract to give vitality to fatigued skin.
  • Raspberry: infused with Raspberry Extract to restore the elasticity of skin with rich nourishment.


Myorchard Squeezemask Nutrition Ampoule -

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Acai Berry, Shea Butter, Cactus, Rasberry