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Beauty is our passion, our work and our mission to show women how to care for themselves using high quality cosmetics at an affordable price.

Our names are Julia and Kasia. We met in 2014 and we liked each other from day one. We shared the same views on the world, innate optimism and love for beauty. In 2017, we decided to make our dreams come true by opening an online shop.

I am a mom of Sofia and a woman who loves independence.
Fashion and beauty have always fascinated me and I always conected my proffesional career with it. I would like to see women like me, mothers and wives and Housewife take care of themselves and feel beautiful.

Let us be self confident and happy with our husbands and children. Strength is in us!

My life is an adventure, getting to know myself, people and exploring the world. I love fashion and beauty and that is why I have combined passion with work. It gives me satisfaction, professional fulfillment and freedom in continuing my adventure of life.


 “We are all of us stars  and we deserve to twinkle. “

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